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Step into the series
1、Operating torque2、Temperature rise is small3、High reliability4、Good internal damping characteristics5、...[In more detail]
Brushless series
1、Speed control is stable、A wide range2、Torque at low speed3、High power thin4、Pick up...[In more detail]
Closed loop stepper series
1、Motor positioning more accurate,The performance is significantly increased2、Fever down3、Vibration reduction...[In more detail]
Servo series
1、High torque2、The small size3、The lower the cogging effect4、IP65Protection grade5、Operator...[In more detail]
Control products
1、Industry leader,More stable performance2、Extreme loads more efficient3、Products are widely applied to...[In more detail]
1、Product variety is complete2、Production equipment is perfect3、Seiko spy,Good quality4、Price...[In more detail]

2016In Hanover, Germany exhibition

My company to success2016In Hanover, Germany exhibition……

Simple servo motor

Open loop stepper motor by the designated time interval of the control pulse sequence……

Selecting the parameters of the need to pay attention to stepper motor drives

The current is judging ability of the size of the step motor drives,Is to choose the driver……

Bag making machine common failure analysis and solution

The possible reasons for white bag length is not correct:1、The controller is bad 2……

The advantages and disadvantages of stepper motor and servo motor

Servo motor stepper motor advantages compared to one、 Low frequency characteristics……

Servo motor with reduction or at the airport

Modern industrial equipment application in high precision applications with servo motor……

Stepper motor starter and myth

1.Two phase stepper motor、Three-phase stepper motor and two phase electricity220V……

Stepper motor maintenance points

Stepper motor as a digital actuators,In the motion control system……

Why ac servo motor drive?

Ordinary ac motor speed is generally1400Turn/Minutes,……

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